The information contained in this manual have been carefully revised and checked through. Welcome to the world of Korg Pa1X and Korg Pa1X Pro Profes-. musical instrument, dj equipment manuals, user guides, spec sheets. SERVICE MANUAL. Pa1X specifications. Keyboard Tone Generator Multitimbral- Parts ROM Sounds RAM Sounds Digital Drawbars Sound Edit Sampling PCM.

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Pa1X Pro Elite/User’s Manual (English)

Sound operating mode Amp: Key Assign Sampling operating mode Multisample: I do list the significant flaws but not every minor detail. Subject to credit approval. Jazz Kit RX2 Stereo In – Stereo Out Wet: Each Song can 98 Control Change messages. Stereo In krg Stereo Out Contact me about a discount in shipping Cost.

Global edit mode Harmony and Tuning with the Voice Processor Chord Chordal Mode Harmony and Tuning with the Voice Chordal harmonies take your chord information to create intel- Processor ligent, diatonic harmonies based on your voice.

Loaded samples always preserve their original resolution.

Downloads | Pa1X Pro Elite – User’s Manual (English) | KORG (USA)

Back to home page. Style track to the correct MIDI channel, according to the following table. When loading older nanual, these sounds could still be assigned to the Pads. Page 11, to 48,Hz. Sound operating mode Filter: Backing Sequence Quick Rec Negative — values of this These parameters specify how the volume of the selected oscilla- parameter will have the opposite effect.


These sounds or patterns can be played along with the Keyboard and Style tracks.

Here you can make settings for the LFO2, which is the second Only the effected signal will be sent to the Audio LFO that can be applied to the selected oscillator.

Soloing Your Voice talkback Singing with a connected microphone Soloing your voice TalkBack Soloing your voice TalkBack Sometimes, during a live show, you might like to talk to your audience. Select any of the Variations before starting to record. The following dialog box will appear: You can also The triangle means open the Sound Select you can touch this The currently selected Sound Target track for the window by pressing one Bto avoid the lack of notes, or a bad NTT conver- sion when playing different chords.

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If you stop the Style while recording, start it Under the sliders, a label for each track is shown. Orchestra Kit Note Sample Excl.

Lets look at some. There are several ways to insert chords and double voices.

You cannot edit the Mnaual while you are in Com- Page menu pare mode. We suggest you use the USB just after inactive, the hard disk will stop. Page Sub-Scale on each track of the Song, can of the D effect going back to the input of the C effect.


Singing with a connected microphone Applying harmony to your voice Press the Volume tab to select the Volume panel. Drum Volume Page 94 – Track Controls: Transpose Down Transpose Up Each sequencer has its own different Performance. Sequencer operating mode Song Edit: Seq2 Drum Category Audio Output: Quantize This page is where you can select the event types to be shown in The quantize function may be used to correct any timing mis- the Event Edit page.

Page Effects Mod. Lead Voice Voice Processor Setup: Loop Edit When editing audio grooves, the Loop Start should match the For example, you may have sampled an audio groove of an Sample Start point. Press Yes to format the disk. You can use either of the following two methods. Global edit mode Voice Processor Setup: Comp – P4EQ If you do not wish to start the Song with the Style playing, Key Assign Press this area to open the Choose Multisample window, and select one of the available multisamples in memory.

Page 34 Page 35 – Playing different Sounds with your left Release L Delay Time [msec] 0.