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Because ACI is written as a legal document, it may be adopted by reference in a general building code or in regulations governing the design and. An ACI Standard ACI Committee , American Concrete Institute Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures (ACI ), hereinafter called the code. – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Water Tank Design (Aci & ). Uploaded by.

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/R Code Requirements for Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures and Commentary

afi Where loss of liquid should be prevented for example, tanks for the storage of toxic liquidsor where overtopping may result in scouring of the foundation materials or cause dam- age to pipes, roof, or both, then one or more of the following measures should be undertaken: S National Bureau of Standards, Monograph, Compute the vertical distribution of the impulsive and convective force components in accordance with Chapter 5.

Failure to provide a means for shear transfer around the cir- cumference may result in sliding of the wall. Criteria for liquid-tightness testing may be found in When using preformed slots, vertical bending moments induced in the wall by shear should be considered. The sloshing pressures on the tank walls result from the fluid motion associated with the For all tanks, wave oscillation.

The chapter and section numbering of the code are followed throughout the commentary. Walls perpendicular to the direction of the earthquake force shall be analyzed as slabs subjected to the hori- zontal pressures 305-01 in 5.

In this model, Wi represents the resultant effect of the impulsive W tanh [ 0. Reference to this commen- ing for sound or visual reproduction or for use in any knowledge or retrieval tary shall not be made in contract documents.

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Wi moves with the tank walls as they respond to the ground shaking the 9. The horizontal distribution of the dynamic pressure across the tank diameter D may be assumed as follows: Emphasis is given to the explanation of provisions that may be unfamiliar to some code users.


However, a newer version of this document exists. Among the subjects covered are: Calculate the vertical amplification factor Cv as a function of Tv. If friction between the wall base and the footing, or between the wall base and the bearing pads, is insufficient to resist the earthquake shear, some form of mechanical restraint such as dowels, galva- nized steel cables, or preformed slots may be required. The overturning moment exerted by h cosh [ 3.

For tanks with roof overhangs, the concrete lip can be designed to withstand the earthquake force.

Appears on pages s: Calculate the effective mass of the impulsive component of the stored liquid Wiand the convective component Wcusing Fig. Downward pressures on the neo- prene bearing pads of free base circular tanks caused by overturning moments should be considered. The forces Pi and Pc act independently and simultaneously on the tank. The code portion of this document covers the structural design, materials selection, and construction of environmental engineering concrete structures.

This document provides directions to the designer of liquid- containing concrete structures for computing seismic forces that are to be applied to the particular structure.

The quality and testing of materials used in the construction are covered by reference to the appropriate standard specifications. This approach offers at least two ad- mic design is not adequately covered by the leading vantages: This model has been Fig. Typical earthquake force distributions in slab action 5. The Institute shall not be li- by any electronic or mechanical device, printed or written or oral, or record- able for any loss or damage arising therefrom.

Typically, the distribution of forces and wall reactions in circular tanks 350-10 be similar to that shown in Fig. Typical structures include conveyance, storage, and treatment structures. The radial shear attains its maximum value at points on the tank wall ori- ented 0 and degrees to the ground motion and should be determined using cylindrical shell theory and the tank dimensions. References to much of the research data referred aic in preparing the code are given for those who wish to study certain requirements in acu detail.

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Based on the periods determined in 350-0 5, calculate the corresponding spectral amplification factors Ci and Cc [Eq.

Superimposed on these lateral unbalanced forces shall be the axisymmetric lateral hydrodynamic force resulting from the hydrodynamic pressure phy acting on the tank wall. The site factor shall be established from properly substantiated geo- technical data.

Proper design, materials, and 35-001 of environmental engineering concrete structures are required to produce serviceable concrete that is dense, durable, ac impermeable, resistant to chemicals, with limited deflections and cracking. Chemical attack; coatings; concrete durability; concrete finishing fresh concrete ; concrete slabs, crack width, and spacing; cracking fracturing ; environmental engineering; inspection; joints junctions ; joint sealers; liquid; patching; permeability.

350-10 Profile D need not be assumed unless the building official determines that Soil Profile D may be present at the site, or in the event that Soil Profile D is established by geotechnical data.

The maximum reaction force will be given by: Skip to main content. For a tank with a height-to-diameter ratio of 1: The designer should also consider the effects of seismic forces on compo- nents outside the scope of this document, such as piping, equipment for example, clarifier mechanismsand connect- ing walkways, where vertical or horizontal movements between adjoining structures or surrounding backfill could adversely influence the ability of the structure to function properly.

Calculate the natural period of vibration of vertical liquid motion Tv.