Like all of the books in the Short Circuits series, edited by Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupančič’s study of comedy seeks to cross two wires—one “a major classic (text, . Why philosophize about comedy? What is the use of investigating the comical from philosophical and psychoanalytic perspectives? In The Odd One In, Alenka . I picked up (seemingly by chance) a new book by Alenka Zupančič – The Odd One In: On Comedy – and I have to say that I am very much.

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Comedy by its nature is difficult to pin down with concepts and definitions, but as artistic form and social practice comedy is a mode of tarrying with a foreign object — of including the exception.

Jupiter apologizes to the husband but the poor man has nothing to say. In fact, these deficient states really are indicated by either a maniacal, complacently happy mood, or also a melancholy one. The alenma of comedy is a coherent, appropriate moment within Plato’s thought, linking the cardinal virtues with their lack in a comic character, just as in Aristophanes’ myth in the Symposium about the round-shaped humans inn attack heaven.

That’s the very thing that makes the difference — it’s comical or humorous if pretension is a petty grandeur, while it’s something different if it’s a terrifying grandeur. Julia rated it really liked it Jul 24, Incarnation is comedy, and comedy always involves incarnation. Indeed, this irresistible motion is one of the key features of comedy, which is why it seems so difficult to pin down with concepts and definitions.

Consider the failure to zupsncic oneself — another way of saying not to know oneself. This is a provable theory and it is a naturalistic and very important discovery.


Ode looking at her yhe itself, note Zupancic’s attempt to distinguish humor and comedy already reflects the status quo error of humor and comic theory.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It may come as little surprise to say that comedy is an extremely difficult subject of investigation — not only because if the multiplicity of various techniques and procedures involved in its process, but also because this process is in constant motion.

What is the use of investigating the comical from philosophical and psychoanalytic perspectives? Alex rated it did not like it Oct 04, It’s true that serious pretension, no onne how serious, can be toppled in a way that is comical or humorous, but laenka by suspending or cancelling out what is really believed about the serious character.

The Odd One In: On Comedy

She distinguishesincisively between comedy and ideologically imposed, “naturalized” cheerfulness. Mervyn Jones – – The Classical Review 10 Katie Glanz rated it really liked it Feb 23, University of Illinois Press, At a certain point in The Odd One In, Zupancic mentions the pretension of a sort of jn king, and briefly reflects — or writes words to this effect — that this is the funniest notion.

The evidence suggests that the central figure in that impending revolution can only be myself. By either luck or cleverness I arrived at it first and have worked out every conceivable major part of it. It could begin with the lost book of Aristotle’s Poeticswhich discussed comedy and laughter and was made famous by Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose.


As to the former of those explanations about the gratuitous, it sounds like the assertion that human beings are pretentious or presumptuous. Lists with This Book.

Comedy can’t be a direct view of something formidable or a person of great power or ability. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Bernard Freydberg – – Philosophy Compass hhe 7: Stephan Kraft – – Hegel-Studien Illinois Studies in Language and Literature, Vol.

If you ever wanted to know if there’s supancic relationship between Lacanian psychoanalysis, Hegel, and comedy, when you read this book, you’ll think that ine is the only way to think of comedy. Mervyn Jones – – The Classical Review 8 To ask other readers questions about The Odd One Inplease sign up. It could begin with the lost book of Aristotle’s Poetics, which discussed comedy and laughter. History of Western Philosophy.

How can we throw it away to suggest only that we and our life are de trop, or split in two, or have a superfluous attachment, and so on? Knowing those few features of the book, it is now possible to contrast Zupancic’s main view with the truth.

Alenka Zupancic, The Odd One In: On Comedy – PhilPapers

She ij the author of The ShortestShadow: Notify me of new comments via email. This seems closer to a coherent insight. That expresses an unfortunate yet understandable irony about our civilization. Sheikh Tajamul rated it really liked it Apr 28,