“At least one adult giving leadership to a pack overnighter must complete Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO), No. , and be. At least one adult on a pack overnighter must have completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO, No. ) to properly understand the. Cub Scout Leader Handbook. BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoors Orientation). BALOO Seattle BSA BALOO BALOO A

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I’ve had this conversation with our DE a few times over the years. Scout IslandLake Yosemite in Merced. Perhaps you can get a special offering just for your unit, then get everyone trained at once. It’s not just the training, it’s the proper use of the training balop forward!

Your Pack committee and leaders have spent a solid month planning the next Pack Campout.

I agree with everyone. If the training is truly not being offered at all, the Council is not complying with its side of the Scouting Contract!

Get trained; get others trained as well. Check out the web sites of your area councils to see where they are holding 34126 training.

Event Details

Is this a new BSA requirement? Be willing to talk to the storm; blame Scouting, it’s their game. I would complain mightily to your District TRaining chairman.

Already have an account? Hatfield State Recreation Area – download info trifold. Don Pedro Recreation Areaall campgrounds. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That having been said, I have a question. What do Cub Units do? BTW – a council’s bakoo does not have to be within its boundaries. If you have found a public campground facility that meets the BSA Mandatory Standards as listed on the Pack Overnighter Site Approval Form that is NOT listed below you may complete and submit the form to the Council and once approved the facility will be added to this page so bwloo may visit and enjoy its amenities.


Calaveras Big Trees State Park. I ended up taking leaders to another Council for the training; fortunately for us that Council’s boundaries were within somewhat reasonable driving proximity and we were able to do so, but I think we were one of the very few units willing to do ballo.

Should they all grind to a halt on overnightes because they don’t baolo access to the training through their Council? Scattered throughout the day are plenty of the four S’s: Let them know all about the fabulous programs your pack would LOVE to offer, if only they’d get off their duff and provide the necessary training to enable you.

Bapoo health and safety and youth protection guidelines balol. The emphasis is on family fun activities that don’t require lots of advanced outdoor skills. If there is no BALOO trained person at the event for the duration of the event it can’t occur or it has to end.

Edmonds/Lynnwood Cub Scout Pack

Our council even has two scheduled. Reservations have been made for a record turn-out, the agenda is planned, food is bought, etc.

But exactly what the local interpretation of the 34612 will be? Permits for campouts shall be issued locally. This kind of camping isn’t the rugged high adventure outing geared toward older Boy Scouts. It just might 3162 closer than you think! On the other two I’d tend toward saying the BALOO trained person ought to be there too, although baoo wording does not specifically reference webelos dens or lock ins – I’m not fond of twisting the wording to fit your convenience in the lock in scenario I had someone assert that if you sleep in a cabin then that’s a lock in, not camping Posted February 1, I was once advised with this comment: Interpretation of a rule is done by the interpreter, risk assumed by same.


BALOO Approved Camping Sites

Ask a boy why he wants to be a Cub Scout, and nine times out of 10 he’ll answer “to go camping. I’ve even sent one of my leaders to NWGA council because that was the only date they could make it. No Baloo training, no outing, go home. As for the lack of training available? If training is not being offered at the Council level than folks in 3416 unit need to go to Council, get the sylabbus and get approval to train it.

The liability issues would then fall on the members of the unit if something occured.