Battlehawks is a naval air combat flight simulation video game released in by and Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe (). The page manual for Battlehawks includes a page illustrated overview of the Pacific War. Battlehawks is a World War II flight simulation video game released in by LucasFilm On a side note, the manual for Battlehawks included. Battlehawks Manual (pdf):: Battlehawks was a World War II naval air combat flight simulation created by designer Lawrence.

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I had this tremendous feeling of holding the upper hand; it was heaven! This would often result in a promotion. The indicator boxes along the top show those characteristics of your mission that you can modify. I would play it for many hours in a row almost every night while I had access to our laboratory computer when I was a student. In Battlehawks, you can choose the mission, the plane, and even the country you want to fly for.

Each small ship and aircraft symbol stands for one ship or plane destroyed; each large symbol stands for five. While the American planes were attacking, Japanese scout planes found the U.

Show less Show more. For the next two weeks, the U.


Battlehawks 1942 – Manual

Fly low and slow toward the enemy ship, and drop your torpedo when you’re close. Once the program is running, please refer to the Game Play section of the manual starting with Menu choices. Their army and naval forces enjoyed a series of stunning victories, including the sinking of five battleships of the U.

Substitute an aircraft wing for your hand and you have some idea of how a battlehwks flies. Fighter planes never carry warheads in Battlehawks. You may also like.

In each of these battles, battlehadks can experience the same situation from both sides of the battle. Here’s how to move through all your menu choices, including reviewing planes, selecting missions, and keeping track of your pilot records.

The whole premise for this game is simple: The only problem is unfortunately pretty annoying. As they dive in at you, they will need to attack at a very shallow angle or risk crashing into the water themselves, since they are limited to firing in the direction they fly.

Battlehawks Manual (pdf) :: DJ OldGames

Although it was protected by a small Zero fighter cover, this was not enough to fight off ninety-three American planes. Both of these overhead attacks were difficult to execute. They agreed that the bathlehawks Japanese base to be taken would be the newly- established one at Tulagi in the southern Solomon Islands. 142 Kate torpedo bomber was used by the Japanese, while the U. The two opposing groups then continued on to their targets.


Tom 0 point. Again, no Japanese ships were hit.

I played it so much that I could consistently beat the defend the Battlehadks mission that manjal rated “impossible” You were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor if you beat this one! The Tone was later sunk by U.

Battlehawks DOS – Also available on: In the scramble to evade the Tambor, however, two Japanese heavy cruisers, the Mogami and Mikuma, collided. To aid you in your approach to the target, Battlehawks provides you with two special views. The tables are turned as you pilot a Wildcat in defense of the Yorktown.

Both of these carriers were renowned for their speed and their ability to take heavy punishment, and their design inspired the later Essex-class carrier. Later that evening, it was scuttled by torpedoes from the destroyer Phelps.

Don’t try this if you are within a thousand feet of the water!