A2 Storylines A Summary Sheet for Chemical Ideas (the -OH group). Still relevant This presentation covers combinatorial chemistry. Chemical Storylines Assignment Answers watch Does anybody have the answers to the assignments in Chemical Storylines? SALTERS ANSWERS FOR Chemical Ideas and Chemical Storylines A2 ยท Chemical Storylines. Find great deals for Salters Advanced Chemistry: Chemical Storylines A2 by Pearson Education Limited (Paperback, ). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This presentation covers the calculation of the pH of a buffer solution. Students hold up the relevant card whilst watching the PowerPoint on polyesters and polyamides. Oops, nobody is replying to posts. Show more Show less. CD 5 CI Carol Crowley Franklin College Grimsby. Would still be a useful starter for the 3rd edition.

The latter now includes stoeylines. Students construct a rectangle. This discussion is closed. This reviews rate and equilibrium in the sttorylines of ammonia production.

SS 1 Revision of CI stroylines. Original post by TheToothFairy: Ionic equations have no spectator ions in them, half equations have electrons in them. Download SS Move to Y12 revision? Download O4 CI 8. Put the Who do you agree with? How was your ? A set of notes describing the behaviour of the -OH group with respect to oxidation and acid strength in the WM Unit. On my laptop, when I click, if there is a colour change then the font changes colour.


Students work in pairs and have a black-and-white copy of the template 1. CD 3 CI Report Thread starter 7 years ago 1.

A2 Storylines

Spot the Mistake sheets were on OHPs and one was given to each group to correct. This presentation deals with the types of instrumental analysis whose applications are considered in What’s in a medicine. Uni home and forums. A presentation on properties of polymers. This is an example of a weekly quiz on organic chemistry. Download WM4 CI 6.

Chemical Storylines Assignment Answers – The Student Room

An effective presentation showing students how to carry out the required calculations after the iodine clock reaction. A presentation produced by students in order to teach the rest of the class about hydrolysis of esters.

Download WM6 CI chemicql. See details and exclusions. Download AI 2 CI 5. A useful teaching tool giving the whys and wherefores of estersincluding nomenclature, synthesis and reactions.

This presentation covers combinatorial chemistry. Students will have read SL SS1 for homework. My teacher asks us to do chemicxl, but never takes them in to mark and won’t give me a copy of hers to make sure I am actually understanding the questions and getting them right.


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Introduces rusting of iron in terms of redox and redox potentials. Yes, but I forget them before Feb Students need to pick up a pair.

Each group needs a copy of the template. You can personalise what you see on TSR. This presentation is concerned with the Size of Ions. Based on the KS3 Concept cartoons. Students sequence the answer to the Ka question which is in bold.

Does anybody have the answers to the assignments in Chemical Storylines?

After 5 minutes, you could ask students to swap partners. EP Put in AA? The first deals with Chemifal A for aliphatic compounds. GCSE home and forums. This presentation deals with Targeting bacteria. Wed, 9 Jan ‘ Rob’s second presentation concentrates on Toolkit B for aromatic compounds.