Blood Red Road an dystopian novel by Moira Young, published in June by Marion Lloyd Books in the UK and Margaret K. McElderry Books in the US. It was Young’s first book and it inaugurated a trilogy under the series title Dust Lands. : Blood Red Road (Dustlands, Book 1) (): Moira Young: Books. : The Dust Lands Trilogy: Blood Red Road; Rebel Heart; Raging Star (): Moira Young: Books.

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A prison guard takes chaal and routinely beats the women prisoners. From nine-year old Emmi to the tough-yet-friendly Hawks, no-one is less than capable of taking care of themselves and their group. The plot is a bit of a journey, bit of a time bomb. Saba is supported in her mission by her sister, Emmi, whom Saba undervalues and disregards for much of the book. This book will blow you away.

What parents need to know Parents need to know that this post-apocalyptic fantasy starts off with the murder of the main character’s father and the kidnapping of her twin brother. Overall, Saba managed to capture my compassion and attention, so I definitely look forward to reading the next two installments in this trilogy.

No plans just ideas. The Oregon State Bar estimated that inslave traffickers made more money than Nike, Starbucks, and Microsoft combined. Blood Red Road, as it’s now called because I absolutely loathed …more This would make for one hell of a movie. Didn’t you think of that before?

Blood Red Road – Wikipedia

It’s also mentioned that her mother died in childbirth years ago. They kick ass the way girls kick ass.


A eight or nine year old makes a real asset on a rescue mission, rex is proved when she’s captured and used as a hostage. I also could not imagine the book without it.

With the exception of Saba, who is a well formed, albeit unlikable character, I thought the other characters fell a bit flat. Rustlands New York Times. Or at least the next two books minus the chapters they fall out for no reason.

Shows that she’s vulnerable but not too vulnerable!

It really reminds me so much of an action movie. Yer in my breath, yer in my bones Katniss at one point says, “Stupid people are dangerous. There is the language the reader has to get used to, the absence of quotations marks, how stubborn Saba is, her obsession over Lugh, Saba’s misplaced apathy towards Emmi, and the lack of explanation of how exactly the world got this way.

Views Read Edit View history. The whole second part of the book, basically. What makes this book a 3 star book for me, though is that it’s an enjoyable read but perhaps one that’s not terribly Personalize Common Sense for your family. She could have killed the bad guy, half way through the book, but instead just says, “Oh he looks dead. It’s over pages long, and I don’t think I’m interested in the writing style enough to continue.

View all 23 comments. Their moments and dialog had me re-reading many passages simply because they were either funny or heartfelt. This story is not allegorical in the way the Hunger Games is.

A bartender homebrews vodka and serves it to Saba and friends. She’s the narrator and so so ornery. I love all of the books I compared this one to and Moira Moita did a fantastic job of telling a gripping story. Saba’s love interest has just enough secrets and swagger to keep things interesting, and the minor characters who join the quest all bring out more good in Saba.


Use dmy dates from June Pages to import images to Wikidata. Then, besides the romance cliche, you have some other western cliches.

Dust Lands Series by Moira Young

A lot or a little? That is how much I loved this book. I’m not kidding you. And I hated the random death at the end.

Still, I like it, and I love the band of merry Amazons even more, even if they don’t know how to set a perimeter. But you get used to it very quickly and the words just fly by after that. This makes for a strange dissociation, and a narrator who has more than a little to learn about empathy, emotion and caring. But if you’re interested, I’ll leave the old one under a spoiler tag.

Published June 7th by Margaret K.

Blood Red Road

Jack was my absolute favourite character in the story. However, as the story progresses, we get to see Saba grow and change into this strong-willed, feisty person overflowing with bravery.

This was part of her answer: