In , Hasbro released the first Arcee toy that was a completely new sculpt in the Energon line. Energon is a line full of homages, and Arcee is a strong one. Energon Arcee – Image #1 of Energon Arcee – Image #2 of Energon Arcee – Image #3 of Energon Arcee – Image #4 of Energon Arcee – Image #5. Results 1 – 35 of 35 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Energon Arcee Transformers & Robot Action Figures. Find the perfect.

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Straighten these pieces out and swing the feet up. One of the Optimuses in her company told Elita Seven to continue fighting, as transpiring events were still within the parameters of what the collective had planed for. Subconsciously guided by the snarky, floating, advice-giving head of Over-Run, they managed to break free from the Spark Rewriter.

Data has been shared for news reporting purposes only. Sure, this isn’t the same character and she doesn’t have the same alt mode, but it will ebergon to do. But again, fans waited in vain. Arcee has thirteen points of articulation, including four in each atcee and elbow articulation. A headstrong and feisty OmniconArcee is eager to prove she’s as capable a warrior as any other Autobot. Optimus then gave his troops a parting speech, and they each headed back to their proper places in the multiverse.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The body is sculpted nicely as well. Arcee close up Arcee full body Arcee upper body Arcee with Hot Rod Arcee running Beta from “Forever is a Long Time Coming” holding a crossbow As a Generation One fan, there’s an odd sense of excitement one gets when you finally obtain a Transformers toy that you’ve been waiting well over a decade for.

Arcee (Energon) – Transformers Wiki

Arcee and the Omnicons were immune to the gas’s effects, arcfe so Optimus planned enwrgon drop a team of Omnicons with Kicker down on Cybertron to locate the gas pumps and turn them off. Arcee Energon From Transformers Wiki.


She served to rally the Omnicon forces and provide Kicker Jones with rapid, agile transportation through the dangerous interiors of Unicron. New Items on eBay. Swing the legs around degrees, fold the front tire into the bike, then bring the legs back slightly. Where does detail get in the way of functionality?

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. On each arm are the tailpipes which look like wrist mounted weapons, a nice touch. Arcee’s feet are high heeled, which really just tops off the whole “female” aspect.

The pipes attach to the back of the intakes at a slight angle. There was a problem completing your request.

Arcee – Energon – Figure

Exactly what the heck Arcee got up to in the intervening years is unknown, as she didn’t join up with the Autobots and mine energon for them in Earth ‘s solar system, like all her fellow Omnicons. The legs are also very much “female”. Omega Supreme They brought the energon grid on line in a vain attempt to prevent Unicron from reclaiming his head from Alpha Q’s Energon Orb.

Views Page Discussion View source History. At some point in the following years, the Arcee of Aurex All content sourced by fans, online websites, and or other fan community sources. It’s sleek and formidable, two design aspects that one should rightfully keep in mind when creating an Arcee toy. In order to comply with the FTC’s endorsement guidelineswe hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive sample products, content, or other forms of media from various companies in order for us to provide content of interest to our readers.

Having two weapons with a variety of ports allows for a lot of Energon weapon addition and even attaching Mini-Cons. No new colors are introduced in this form, though there is more pink visible as her helmet is completely pink. With their help, the group soon tracked down the schematics for the unfinished critias Gate ; a two-dimensional doorway for two-dimensional beings.

Arcee – Toy Gallery

Energon ceased publication before the story could conclude. Click the link below to easily share this gallery on other websites and on our forums.


However, she’s more than just those two colors.

Eventually the energon tower landed and powered up, sending out a destructive wave that cleared the Terrorcons from the planet.

The Movie debuted, fans finally got their wish – in a manner of speaking.

With Arcee, they had an added concern: As time progressed, the Alternity realized that Megatron’s forces had been repeatedly focusing their attacks on the yearand Elita Seven was teamed with Bumblebee to search the timelines for clues as to why. Armageddon Part 1 Too late to stop Over-Run’s demise, the Omnicons lashed out at Starscream, but his energon-absorbing abilities made their standard attacks useless.

Due to the weapons’s size and the way her arms are designed, Arcee can’t really hold the weapon pointing forward, so the optimal pose is aree her hold it out to the side and aiming, almost like an archer would and perhaps, that was part of the point.

Arcee – Energon – Toy Gallery (Page #1) – Transformers

Her head sculpt is wonderfully done, combining features of the classic Arcee’s face with some new design features. The name or term “Arcee” refers to more than one character or idea.

The missile launcher has one regular peg at the bottom, a Mini-Con peg on the left and two holes on the right, one of which is a Powerlinx port you can use to activate Mini-Con features on Armada figures or use to attach to other Energon weapons. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. On a mission with Kicker to the Black Sea in Turkey to locate a new energon well underwater, they were attacked by Mirage who had previously butted heads with them as Tidal WaveSlugslinger and Sharkticonwho were attempting to capture the energon-empathic human.

Additionally, you can position her rear tire halves above her shoulders for a different look.