Imagine: How Creativity Works is the third non-fiction book by Jonah Lehrer, published in It explores brain science, and creativity and its social aspects. The origin, pursuit, and secret of creativity are a central fixation of the at the heart of Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer — who. How did Bob Dylan write “Like a Rolling Stone”? The pop-science writer Jonah Lehrer wasn’t there, but he pretends to know anyway. Inspired.

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It’s All In Your Imagination. A Book About Love Paperback.

Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer

Jun 20, Cheryl Dickemper rated it did not like it Shelves: Nobody anywhere is proposing that one should implement all of the hundreds of ideas generated by a brainstorming session. But …more It doesn’t creativuty specifics, but Wikipedia has this: The hard part is maintaining enough awareness so that even when you start to daydream you can interrupt yourself and notice a creative thought.

Imagine contains a lot of evidence anecdotal, scientific, and in between to support this thesis. I welcome that first jonahh. Hardcoverpages.

From here Lehrer makes a case that copyright laws wroks the U. He finds that the conditions that favor creativity — our brains, our times, our buildings, our cities — are equally broad. I’m a sucker for neuroscience books, and for Jonah Lehrer, and there are a lot of interesting bits in here the part of the brain that inhibits improvisation, the unique schools described at the end, the suckery of brainstorming sessions, etc.


Show 25 25 50 All. Finally, he fits the same findings to to a social structure.

Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer – review

Even when the area was agricultural, for the past hundred years it scored high in terms of the number of patents per capita. Jonah Lehrer, 31, is a Columbia University graduate and Rhodes Scholar who writes about psychology and the intersection of science and the humanities.

Creativity often seems mysterious, a gift some people have and some just don’t. Lehrer is not a professional narrator like Mr. You would think that these issues, added together, would disqualify the book from my serious attention. To tap these outside eyes, they set up a website where Eli Lilly posted its hardest scientific problems online and attached a monetary reward to each problem.

Please try again later. That brainstorming meetings are a terrible idea? May 27, Joshum Harpy rated it it was ok. This is particularly sad and ominous in preschools that are focusing more creaitvity more on “sit down and study” curriculum and curtailing free play.

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Lehrer is exposed as a big fat liar and this book is removed from the jonaah On the relationship between creativity and originality — and being triggered by other people’s ideas. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. You can’t help it. You know she would drop her roast chicken on the floor, but did she scream? Lehrer mentions the upsurge of creativity in Elizabethan England due to a particular alignment of events and laws read and find outbut except for a passing mention that the sons of all kinds of work class families could now learn to read, he never even notes the loss of the potential creativity of thousands of sisters, daughters, wives, all left uneducated.


Richness of language, horizontal connections rather than vertical e. How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer And the comment thread is filled with similar indictments.

If you build your work around the revelation of surprising theories, you need the ability to both show and tell, and there will be an urge — since this is literature and not pure science — to sit on top of the suitcase until it closes. It was not a question of left or right brain thinking, as described by the pop-psychologist, but how the two hemispheres build on each sorks and relate.